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Tales from the Flood – Part 2

by admin

It was still raining when Native Edge crews responded to flooded basements and mud caked properties throughout Boulder – with a renewed mission to help our community simply recover, one street, one house at a time. With equipment and manpower well prepared for the task at hand, we went to work clearing endless mud, draining basements that had become indoor swimming pools and consulting with homeowners to help them see beyond the mud and toward a brighter future.

From scarred hillsides to condemned houses, today, the lasting effects of the flood can be seen everywhere. The storm taught many lessons that will not be soon forgotten. Not the least of these is the importance of effective, professionally designed and installed drainage throughout the landscape. While proper landscape drainage for some would not made a difference for some, for others investment in professional drainage solutions would have generated substantial ROI and peace of mind.

Author: El Queso Grande