Choosing The Right Organic Lawn Care Program

What is Organic Lawn Care?

Our programs place the health of the system as the primary goal. By improving plant health and regaining soil microbial diversity and function, the system regains optimal efficiency and health. This is done with targeted applications created with biology in mind. Our organic lawn care process incorporates low nutrient organic fertilizers, aerations, compost topdressing, overseeding, compost tea applications and organic herbicides (if needed).

Does it really work? Yes! How quickly you see results will depend on a few factors and the condition of your lawn when you begin transitioning to organic. Factors include weed density, thickness of turf and intensity of previous herbicide and synthetic fertilizer applications that may have impacted soil health.

Choosing A Program That Is Right for You

What are your expectations, timeline and budget? Below are 3 examples of plans. Some plans will transition your space quickly, while other solutions will fit your budget.

Regardless of where you start, you can achieve great results providing a safe and healthy lawn for your friends and family.

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