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Native Restoration & Invasive Species Mitigation

Customized services to protect and restore the health and beauty of your property's more natural areas.

The wild and natural beauty surrounding our homes and communities make Colorado’s front range a magical place to live.  However, keeping these spaces wildly healthy and beautiful does come with a certain need for stewardship.

Controlling invasive species through ongoing stewardship

Managing invasive and exotic species is crucial to maintaining the health and integrity of both your built landscape and more natural, native surroundings. If not properly controlled aggressive and opportunistic weeds, will push out your more desirable native plants.  Our plans and services focus on removal of invasive species and helping native and other non-invasive species win the battle! 


We will assess your site’s natural landscaping and use the information to develop and coordinate an effective restoration and invasive species mitigation plan which may include any or all of the additional services listed below.

Hand weeding, or “mechanical” weed control, i.e pulling the weed out of the ground with the roots, is a great way to mitigate weeds when appropriately performed and during the right time of year.  But depending on the type of weed and the time of year, simply pulling them can often make matters worse as they may leave seeds behind in the soil and simply multiply the problem.

Often a key component of a successful weed control plan may include selective cutting or trimming, where the plant above the surface is separated from the roots.  Again, the type of weed and timing plays an important factor in how successful this method will be.

This method is often a necessary component of a successful control program but should be done selectively, carefully and with caution to ensure that soil health (which supported the weeds in the first place) are not further damaged and compromised.  Again, applying this method during the right time of year depending on the weed type is critical.

After removing the invasive plant species, we use planting and seeding to reestablish the native or desired plant community.

We offer ongoing annual evaluations and recommendations to identify and address small issues before they get out of hand. Ongoing land stewardship is essential to preventing the return of invasive plant species and the key to maintaining a healthy and diverse ecosystem.