Organic Lawn Care Man Spraying Native Edge Landscaping Boulder Colorado

Organic Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn comes naturally to us!

Safer, eco-friendly, effective. We offer organic, pollinator-friendly solutions that build soil health, encourage deep root growth, reduce water use and help your lawn thrive naturally. If you are looking for a more vibrant, safer, and eco- friendly lawn you are in good hands with our certified and licensed organic lawn care professionals. 

We offer a more biological approach – organic lawn care programs that help your lawn thrive naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals.

What is Organic Lawn Care?

Our organic lawn care programs place the health of the system as the primary goal. By improving plant health and regaining soil microbial diversity and function, the system regains optimal efficiency and health. This is done with targeted applications created with biology in mind. Our organic lawn care process incorporates low nutrient organic fertilizers, aerations, compost topdressing, overseeding, compost tea applications and organic herbicides (if needed).

Does organic lawn care really work?

Yes! How quickly you see results will depend on a few factors and the condition of your lawn when you begin transitioning to organic. Factors include weed density, thickness of turf and intensity of previous herbicide and synthetic fertilizer applications that may have impacted soil health.

The 7 Essential Components of Organic Lawn Care

A pre-emergent helps to stop weed seeds from germinating in your lawn. The product we use is corn gluten based, is safe for children and pets and does not persist in soil. This service can be removed from any program if deemed unwanted or unnecessary.

Topdressing turf with a thin layer of locally made, high-quality compost puts additional organic matter and biology into your system. Organic matter feeds and houses microbes, and holds onto and releases nutrients and large amounts of water.

Compost tea is used to fulfill your plant and/or soil needs.  Whether that be biological inoculant, biological food source, biostimulant or organic fertilizer, compost is a great way to improve the overall health, resilience and beauty of lawns and plants.

We spot spray weeds (rather than blanket spray) using an organic iron based herbicide. The product we use is safe for children and pets and does not persist in soil. This service can be removed from any program if deemed unwanted or unnecessary.

We use a fertilizer with a NPK rate of 5-3-2 which is just high enough to give your soil, lawn, and plants a nudge but not high enough to pollute water running through and off your landscape.

Overseeding helps to fill in any bare spots in your lawn and helps keep weeds out.  We overseed following aeration to ensure that the grass seed has adequate contact with the soil to germinate.

Core aeration improves turf health by opening up space in the soil and thatch for beneficial water and air movement, helping to bring microbes to the surface that work to  break down the thatch layer.