Property Care

Caring comes naturally to us!

Cleaner, safer, healthier, natural, better. From single family residences, to multi family HOAs and retirement communities, together we encourage life to thrive outside.

From organic lawn care to smart irrigation and bed-care, we help keep your outdoor space healthy, beautiful, and safe

We offer multiple services and plans designed to help keep you and your outdoors healthy, beautiful and safe. Regardless of which plan you choose, we take a stewardship approach that works with your land naturally, supporting natural systems, building soil health, conserving water, and encouraging life to thrive.

Property Care Plans & Services

From weekly, full service property care to organic lawn care and irrigation management plans

Peak Property Care Plan

Replace chore time with play time.

Our Weekly Property Care program includes all the basic services necessary to keep you and your  outdoors healthy, beautiful, and safe throughout the seasons.

Organic Lawn Care Plan

 BEE safe, healthy and beautiful

Safer, eco-friendly, effective. We offer organic, pollinator friendly solutions that build soil health, encourage deep root growth, reduce water use and help your lawn thrive naturally, the way nature intended it to.

Water Management Plans

Conserve water, save money

With a proactive, smart approach to managing irrigation systems and water features, we can save water and encourage deep root growth by delivering only the water that plants and lawns actually need.  Together, we can conserve more of Colorado’s most precious natural resource.

Defensible Space Maintenance Plans

Be prepared for the next wildfire

From removal of organic debris around your home’s foundation and auxiliary structures, to cutting down the tall grasses and ladder fuels a bit further out, we help homeowners improve and maintain their home’s defensible space by keeping ground level fuels down. 

Native Restoration and Invasive Species Mitigation

Control invasive species through ongoing stewardship

From restoration and mitigation plans the removal or treatment of noxious weeds to seeding and planting of native species, we help property owners protect and restore the health and beauty of your property’s more natural areas Managing invasive and exotic species is crucial to maintaining the health and integrity of your built landscape and more natural surroundings.

Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Keeping properties safe and accessible throughout the storm.

Dependable and reliable snow and ice management is important to protect your property and ensure the safety of its visitors and users. Our team of professionals constantly monitor the storm before and during the event to make sure our crews are on site when it matters most to safely and efficiently move the snow.


“I hired Native Edge Landscapes to take on a challenging major project of flood restoration, flood mitigation, and general landscaping.  In all cases the results met or exceeded what I had imagined.  Not be be underrated is the fact that all of the people were a delight to work with, all of the way from the design team to the work crews- -true professionals.  In short, if you are looking for a quality landscaper, look no further.”

Fred C.

Anne and I would like to thank the Native Edge crew for an outstanding job on our project. It is very apparent the crew takes a great deal of pride in their workmanship and this reflects highly on Native Edge. The attention to detail on the flagstone walk with the placement of large rocks (which we have an abundance of) is wonderful and we have numerous comments from neighbors on the beauty of the flagstone walkways. The crew worked hard every day and were very respectful to any of our wishes. Excellent job!

Gary & Anne

Thank you for everything you’ve done to recreate our yard in the best possible way. We will truly enjoy it this summer.

Allyn J.