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We love what we do almost as much as we hope you do!

From thank you notes and client testimonials to industry award banquets, we are truly grateful for the recognition we have received throughout the years.

2004 Residential Design-Build
2004 Wall Construction
2005 Residential Design-Build
2008 Water Feature Construction
2010 Residential Design-Build
2010 Water Feature Construction
2016 Community Stewardship Finalist
2019 Innovation Finalist
2019 Design Build Project Finalist

2022 Best of Boulder
2022 Best of East Boulder County 2023 Best of Boulder 2023 Best of East Boulder County

Did you know?

We invest 5% of profits back into our community every year!

2013 Mercury 100 Award
2014 Mercury 100 Award
2015 Mercury 100 Award
2016 Mercury 100 Award


“We have worked with Native Edge on a variety of projects over the past five years at our home in north Boulder.  From peace of mind for problems solved, to enjoyment of the beautiful landscape that surrounds our home, we experience the success of those projects on a daily basis.  It has been an additional plus for us to work with Native Edge for our ongoing landscape maintenance and irrigation needs where we benefit from their intimate knowledge of our landscape and irrigation systems.”

Joanne & Jim C.

I hired Native Edge Landscapes to take on a challenging major project of flood restoration, flood mitigation, and general landscaping.  In all cases the results met or exceeded what I had imagined.  Not be be underrated is the fact that all of the people were a delight to work with, all of the way from the design team to the work crews- -true professionals.  In short, if you are looking for a quality landscaper, look no further.”

Fred Clare

“We were happy all the way from design through construction.  It was a pleasure working with them through the design phase.  They prepared great design concepts and were very responsive to the client’s  comments and requests.  They were was also very helpful in preparing cost alternatives of various concepts.  When it came to construction, I was just as pleased.  The crew who set the very large boulders did so with great skill.  The dry stack walls also turned out very well.  And the landscape install also was done with great execution.   And finally, I know our client is looking forward to working with Native Edge in an on-going basis for landscape management. Great Job and I look forward to working with you all again……!”

Stephen Sparn | Sopher Sparn Architects LLC