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Water Management

Conserving more of Colorado’s most precious resource every day

Our experienced, certified, and licensed water managers are experts in all aspects of landscape irrigation and water feature care.  With a proactive, smart approach to water management your landscape can thrive while conserving more of Colorado’s most precious resource.

Together, we can conserve more of Colorado’s most precious natural resources.

With a proactive, smart approach to managing irrigation systems and water features, we can save water and encourage deep root growth by delivering only the water that plants and lawns actually need. Together, we can conserve more of Colorado’s most precious natural resource. Programs start at $499/year.

Water Management Services

that help conserve water and help landscapes thrive

Core Services

To reduce the risk of freeze damage during the colder months we typically do not activate systems until early May when we turn on the water supply, activate the controller and then run and visually inspect each sprinkler zone. Sprinkler heads are adjusted as needed to improve coverage.   Activations may include a pressure test assessment by a Backflow Certified Technician.

We run and visually inspect each sprinkler zone. Sprinkler heads are adjusted to improve coverage. For systems that do not automatically adjust to weather and soil conditions, inspect/adjust visits include seasonal onsite controller adjustments and will need to occur more frequently throughout the changing seasons.  If you have not done so, upgrading to a SMART controller is highly recommended to reduce the frequency of inspect/adjust visits and unnecessary travel by our irrigation technicians. 

For systems with SMART controllers and flow meters we can typically identify and fix problems faster and more efficiently.  After a problem is identified, either by us or you, our irrigation technician will assess and move forward with the repair.  If the estimated cost of the repair is expected to exceed your pre authorized spend limit,  we will notify you and request your approval prior to doing the work.  All repairs are performed on a time and materials basis. 

We stay up to date with all of the latest technology available that can help you conserve water and save money.  We offer full system evaluations and can provide you with the professional recommendations, options and pricing you can use to invest wisely.

To reduce the risk of freeze damage during the colder months we typically shut down and winterize systems between late September to mid-October.  We shut off the water supply to the irrigation system, shut down the controller, drain the pipes and run compressed air through each of the system’s zones.

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Additional Popular Services

Annual pressure test assessment of backflow preventers(s) by a Backflow Certified Technician.

Includes checking the irrigation system for full functionality, examining the backflow preventer, valves, sprinklers, drip lines, visually inspecting the property for water leaks or visible damage to the irrigation system and overall design. A list of sprinkler zones is created/updated as needed and attached to the irrigation controller for future reference. The landscape’s water needs will also be evaluated based on the precipitation rate, soil conditions and exposure and plant material. An appropriate watering schedule will be programmed into the irrigation controller. On supported Smart Controllers, the proper local climate and seasonal adjustment patterns will also be entered. Based on the evaluation we will also make recommendations for repairs or modifications to the system to improve water coverage, system efficiency, and reducing water use.

For systems with higher-end smart controllers with upgraded hardware, (including flow sensors and a master valve) we can monitor your system remotely and receive automatic notifications when there is a problem detected.   This is an excellent option for property owners and managers who are serious about conserving water and are willing to invest a little more up front cost to save money and headaches in the long run.

Activation and shutdown, routine inspections, cleaning and chemical applications to help keep recirculating waterfalls and ponds functional, healthy and beautiful.