How to Practice Smart Irrigation

What is Smart Irrigation?
Smart practices of irrigation include conserving water, avoiding waste, and considering the regional and global impact of use. Efficiency and saving are the 2 main goals of smart usage.

Water Infrequently & Water Deeply
The best way to water deeply is to moisten the entire root zone, dig into your soil an hour after watering to check the depth of moistened soil, adopt a cycle & soak irrigation practice which will allow water to soak in & promote deeper root growth, and water in the early morning between 4am and 8am.

Make Every Drop Count
Mix compost into soil and mulch it, use drip irrigation in beds, adjust your watering schedule regularly to account for seasonal weather conditions, and adjust spray patterns and positions to make sure they aren’t watering hardscapes like sidewalks. The average household uses 150,000 gallons of water and smart irrigation can reduce that by 15%.

Some additional ways to practice smart irrigation include xeriscaping, installing smart irrigation at your home, straightening and leveling your sprinkler heads regularly, and having your system checked for leaks.

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