Understanding The Unique Benefits of Organic Weed Control

Weeds play an important role in healing damaged ecosystems, and when removed, another generation, or species will dutifully take their place. When soils are too compacted for healthy plant growth, deep tap-rooted weeds start drilling down into the compaction layer. When a slope is loose and at risk of eroding, scrambling weeds grow and hold the slope in place. In soils that are high in toxic compounds, hyperaccumulating weeds begin to pull these components out of the soil and store them in aboveground tissues. In nature weeds improve soil conditions until they run themselves out of jobs to do- then they stop germinating and growing.

We offer a variety of soil and habitat friendly solutions for controlling and managing undesirable weeds. One of our plant health experts can develop the best solution designed specifically for your space and objectives.

Control Services vs Management Plans

Control Services

Our weed control products and services reduce or temporarily eliminate the visual impact and stamina of weeds through mechanical methods (by hand) or careful applications of herbicides. When herbicides are necessary we minimize soil damage by spot treating target weeds rather than blanket spraying.

Management Plans

Long-term weed and noxious weed management can be achieved by improving soil and ecosystem health. Our management plan addresses the cultural and biological conditions that weeds are responding to, and provides an alternative route (or prescription) for healing. Improving systems, not just treating symptoms.

More often than not, a two-pronged approach that addresses both immediate control and long-term management objectives is the most effective path forward.

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