Colorado Landscaping Timeline


  • Winter watering on days over 40 degrees
  • Stir your compost pile
  • Perform any necessary maintenance on lawncare equipment
  • Take down holiday decor


  • Winter watering on days over 40 degrees
  • Plan any hardscaping or xeriscaping renovations
  • Rejuvenation pruning on any summer flowering shrubs


  • Winter watering on days over 40 degrees
  • Apply pre-emergent to control weeds all season long
  • Spring cleanup
  • Cut back ornamental grasses and clean up perennial beds
  • Deep root feed trees
  • Rejuvenation pruning on summer flowering shrubs
  • Low mow turf to clean up dead grass and open soil to light penetration
  • Plant potatoes & onions


  • Turn on irrigation system- watch for freezes. You will have to drain your backflow to protect the system if the temperatures drop.
  • Plant spring flowers such as pansies and snapdragons, which are more cold tolerant than other annuals
  • Start vegetable seeds indoor this month move them outdoors at the end of May
  • Begin work on any planned renovations, hardscaping, xeriscaping, etc.
  • Apply a 3-month slow release fertilizer to turf
  • Overseed bare areas in lawn
  • Begin mowing
  • Fertilize shrubs and perennials
  • Lawn Aeration


  • Plant Annual Flowers any time after May 16th, which is the average last frost date for Boulder County. Fertilize monthly with a bloom booster
  • Transplant your vegetable seed starters outdoors
  • Plant other vegetables
  • Spray for insects
  • Start weed control


  • Plant an herb garden
  • Inspect your irrigation system and repeat monthly
  • Weed control


  • Prune and shape shrubs and trees, especially spring flowering
  • Take a look at your yard now that plant material has had time to grow this season and decide if you should plant any new trees or shrubs
  • Adjust irrigation for hot summer temperatures


  • Top dress your turf
  • Overseed turf
  • Apply a second application of 3-month slow release fertilizer to your turf
  • Adjust irrigation for hot summer temperatures


  • Lawn aeration
  • Plant fall annual flowers. Pick plants that are cold hardy like pansies, snapdragons, mums and kale
  • Overseed turf


  • Irrigation blowout prior to first freeze.
  • Plant bulbs now for spring color (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths)
  • Fall Cleanup:
    • Cut back perennials. Do not cut grasses until spring to give your landscape winter interest.
    • Remove annuals
    • Cleanup leaf debris
    • Be sure to add all green debris to your compost pile
    • Now is a good time to hardedge grass along sidewalks


  • Winter watering on days over 40 degrees
  • Finish any remaining fall cleanup items
  • Place pine and spruce boughs on flower beds for winter interest
  • Plan Christmas decor


  • Winter watering on days over 40 degrees

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