How Organic Plant Health Care Supports Your Lawn

What is organic plant health care?
Organic plant health care uses cultural practices and biological inputs to build the health of landscapes with a goal of improving overall health and longevity of trees, shrubs, turf and other plants. This is done by improving the system and treating weeds, disease and pests as symptoms while working to build system health. By placing biology front and center in this process plants and soils start working together to maintain a balanced system.

Why is organic plant health care beneficial?

  • It creates conditions for more efficient water use. Healthy, biologically active soils decrease soil compaction, promote deep root growth, and absorb and release water as your plants need it. This means there will be less impact on your space during water restrictions.
  • It makes plants more tolerant to drought and heat stress, and more resilient to attacks by pest and disease. The diversity of the microbial populations naturally provide custom nutrients and defenses for whatever plants may need at a specific moment in time.
  • It creates spaces that are safe and healthy for family, pets, insects and wildlife. Once soil health improves, aboveground organisms begin to flourish as well. Insects, birds and other creatures benefit from an improved food web belowground.
  • It builds soils that filter runoff and keep storm water clean. Organic soils are better at absorbing and breaking down pollutants as dirty runoff moves through them. With microorganisms in the soil taking the place of chemical inputs, there is no risk of nutrients leaching into aquifers or running off into gutters, streams, ponds or lakes.
  • It helps systems effectively store carbon for the long-haul. Healthy soils emit far less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than degraded soils. A thriving space also holds more carbon above and below ground.

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