Life on the Edge

The laws of physics suggest that in all matter there is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.

Here in Boulder, matter takes the form of verdant hills tucked against the iconic red stone monoliths of the Flatirons and snow capped peaks shimmering under clear blue skies are the ever-present backdrop to our everyday lives, where hundreds of miles of plains and gently rolling grasslands eventually and dramatically collide with the steep rise of the Rocky Mountain’s eastern edge, where natural habitats both begin and end, where a topographical relief variance of over 9,000, yields one the most diverse landscapes on the continent.

In all this beautiful and dramatic “matter” there is a whole lotta energy! Contagious energy. Energy that transfers into those who interact with and embrace life on the Edge.

If you have lived here a while, chances are you are one of them. You lean into life, embracing the thrill, excitement, and wonders so unique to our Edge. If this is you, you are home, connected, engaged and growing in a passionate relationship with life on the Edge.

Embrace where you belong. Grow where you have been planted. Even if you weren’t born here, perhaps you were always meant to be here, your adopted native home. Your Native Edge.

-Tom Sunderland