Frequently Asked Design-Build Questions

Do you charge for consultations?

NO. We typically do not charge for initial consultations.  Before entering the formal design process we want to be confident that our design-build process, pricing, field expertise, and timelines will be a good fit for you.  It is very important to us that we will be able to meet your project expectations at each and every step along the way.  The initial consultation is typically a discovery phone conversation with one of our more senior designers who will seek to understand your goals, will explain what our process looks like,  and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. If it looks like we are a good fit we will schedule an onsite meeting and walkthrough. 

Do you charge for your designs?

YES.  One area that sets Native Edge apart from many other companies is the quality of our design work. We employ full-time, professional and experienced designers who are able to deliver plans that not only look great on paper, but are beautiful and functional once installed.  If after our initial consultation you (and we) are interested in moving forward with design work, you will receive a Proposal or Design Services which will outline the proposed design objectives, timeline, deliverables, and fees.  

How much should I expect to spend on landscaping?

As you might expect, the cost of landscaping can vary greatly and is difficult to specify without site-specific information, and a clear understanding of each homeowner’s objectives. It has been said, in an article published by Realtors, that a homeowner can expect to spend between 10-12% of the cost of their home on new landscaping. We have found that for many projects, that statistic is accurate. However, oftentimes projects are above or below that average based on the homeowner’s objectives and property characteristics such as lot size, topography, etc. While 10-12% may be a good general rule of thumb if considering a safe return on investment dollars, we have seen the range fluctuate from 5% to 20% due to a wide variety of factors. 

Can we divide the project into phases?

YES. We work with homeowners on a regular basis to create phasing plans for their projects. We will phase a project to meet the clients’ initial budget goals, while maintaining a cohesive design that can be completed in multiple stages, based on the clients’ needs.

Are your installation crews “in-house” employees or subcontractors?

The vast majority of our installation work is performed by full-time, year round, experienced and professional craftspeople.  We also work with several reputable trade partners such as electricians, plumbers, pool installers, stucco specialists, metal fabricators and carpenters as needed to ensure the job at hand is completed professionally and safely. 

Is there a warranty on landscaping?

YES. We offer a two year warranty on hardscape (walls, patios etc) and one-year warranty for irrigation, plantings and softscape from the date of completion.  Regardless of the scope of your project,  we strive to resolve any issues or concerns that arise in a timely and professional manner.

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