Irrigation & Lighting Team

Our Irrigation and Lighting Team delivers reliable irrigation & landscape lighting installation, maintenance, and repair services to a wide variety of properties, ranging from large HOA’s and retirement communities to private outdoor living spaces and gardens.

Irrigation & Lighting Technicians
Irrigation & Lighting Technicians perform service calls, system inspections, system installation & retrofits. They maintain vehicle inventory, vehicle preparedness, and accurate service and billing records and are sometimes assigned to perform non-irrigation and lighting related work as a team member on landscape projects that simply need an additional hand.

Low Season Work
Irrigation & Lighting team members are highly encouraged to join our Snow & Ice Management Team.  Those who do become eligible to be prioritized for other “low season” work depending on weather, the amount of work available, and their “high season” performance. Common examples of other winter work include installation of holiday lighting and decor, dormant pruning, mulching, winter watering and preparing for Spring!

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