Fleet & Operations Support Team

by admin

Our Fleet and Operations Support team does the behind the scenes work necessary to help keep equipment, facilities, and materials running and flowing smoothly so that our Design-Build and Landcare teams can focus more time doing what they do best, taking care of our customers.

Shop & Fleet  
With a fleet of approx 50 vehicles and tractors and dozens of small engine equipment used daily, keeping everything properly maintained, tuned up and ready for work is no small task.  Under the supervision of Taylor, Shop and Fleet Supervisor, we employ proven, reliable and highly skilled small engine and vehicle mechanics to ensure vehicles and equipment are properly maintained so that our teams in the field can do their work as safely and efficiently as possible.

Operations Support
Under the supervision of Operations Support Supervisor Ian Marquis, our operations support team is primarily responsible for maintaining facilities and inventories and directly supporting our construction and enhancement operations by stocking, delivering, and loading materials and transporting equipment to and from project sites.

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