The Value of Secluded Spaces

In the last few years, gardeners and many non-gardeners are shifting to embracing nature more intentionally and carving out spaces to get away from the digital in our lives and being nurtured by nature.

Creating a quiet space to read, meditate or relax is growing in popularity as we look for ways to decompress. Studies have shown that there is a significant increase in people’s health and happiness in connection to nature and active “nature” behaviors, such as feeding the birds, planting flowers for bees and being surrounded by plants.

Plants connect us to the rhythm of the natural world and a small retreat will feel like a cozy getaway. Whether you want an outdoor yoga space or comfy chairs to read, bird watch, or spot butterflies, the garden is a great place to unwind.

Tips to create your own retreat:

  • Provide just enough comfortable seating for two.
  • Include a simple water feature – the sound of quiet running water is deeply restful and calming to watch.
  • Plant elevated containers with colorful and whimsical plants
  • Add lighting to provide ambiance for nighttime gatherings.
  • Install hardscaping like a decorative fence or native stone wall to separate a small area from the rest of the garden.
  • Trees can be used as a canopy over a quiet nook.
  • Carefully select plants and materials to create a low maintenance beauty – river rock, patterned pavers, variegated hostas, black-eyed Susans and Salvia

Our Design-Build or Enhancements team will help you create a space that you can enjoy for years to come, selecting materials and plants that resonate with you. Each outdoor space is designed to belong to its location and to be uniquely yours. Call us at 303-245-9166 or Get In Touch here.