Gardening Team

by admin

Under the direction of a Landcare Production Manager and Head Gardener, the Gardening Team is made up of multiple crews dedicated to keeping gardens of all sizes healthy and looking great Spring through Fall. We do not use chemical fertilizers and weed controls but instead rely on our gardeners to establish and maintain healthy and thriving gardens through proper organic horticultural practices including hand weeding, deadheading, and ornamental pruning.

Gardening teams typically begin their season in March performing Spring cleanups and end their season in December as Fall cleanups and holiday lighting and decor work winds down.

Low Season Work
Gardening team members are highly encouraged to join our Snow & Ice Management Team.  Those who do become eligible to be prioritized for other “low season” work depending on weather, the amount of work available, and their “high season” performance. Common examples of other winter work include installation of holiday lighting and decor, dormant pruning, mulching, winter watering and preparing for Spring!


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